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Somos Jor y Gonza, dos personas apasionadas por viajar, fotografiar y vivir la simpleza de lo cotidiano. Nos conocimos en uno de esos paraísos que tiene nuestro mundo y un día decidimos dejar atrás lo cómodo y conocido para subirnos al Fusca, nuestro WV Escarabajo'80 y dejar que el viento nos lleve.

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We are Jor and Gonza, two young, passionate people, that love travelling, taking pictures and living simply. We met at one of those paradises of our world and one day decided to leave confort and know behind to get on our 1980 VW beetle and let the wind take us. 

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Dónde estamos ahora?
Where are we now?

Llevados por el Viento es un blog de viajes mediante el cual intentamos compartir nuestras experiencias y aventuras a través de un recorrido por el continente americano.

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Guided By the Wind (Llevados por el Viento) is a travel blog through which we wish to share our experiences and adventures across the American Continent.

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Llevados por el viento. (Guided by the Wind)


A journey that we desire to embark together to learn, discover, and both grow on a persona and social basis. Encourage tolerance and respect to "the different". Sharing our passion for travelling and dreaming.


We want to give back to Mother Nature, in return for its beautiful scenery and so many happy momments, a trip on the possible aspects sustainable, but also sharing this ideal through our adventure and sowing seeds of sustainability in our fans and regular people we may meet on the way.


Through this journey, we intend to share images and flavors of each region visited. Two passions that unites us both are jams and photography and we discovered that through the merger of these two passions we may bring the geographical distances that separate us people and cultures so much, a bit closer.


The idea. Stop at as many towns, villages or cities that we can, sharing native flavours of other regions previously visited and along with photographic shows of landscapes, portraits and experiences of those tasted regions. The preparation of organic jams is a process we have been rehearsing and enjoying for some time now and we are truly proud fans of our own production.


The how. We embarked on this adventure on board our '81 VW Beetle, red, alias "Fusca" (the Brazilian model is known as Fusca). Faithful companion of the road, while its odometer shows 34.000kms (the odometer max is 99.000), we know he has many more hidden stories hidden in his memory. The Fusca tows our humble, although modern home, La Cucharita, a caravan of just 5 square meters (2,60m x 1,90m) with tiny living-dining-room but where there is always room for sharing a cup of tea or an anecdote. As the saying goes: the house is small, but the heart is big.


The route. We start at our last residence in a village south of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, called Paraty. The passion fruits, pineapples, mangoes and bananas take us south with one only goal, Ushuaia. On the road to the end of the world uncertain and infinite number of stops await us. The southernmost city on the planet will be our springboard to jump off towards the opposite direction. Our second objective: Fairbanks, Alaska. In between and after are plain and simple question marks, challenges for stories, experiences and unforgettable momments.